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Bitcoin Is in a Normal Consolidation Market, says Bollinger Bands Inventor

The inventor of the famous Bollinger Bands indicator John Bollinger has suggested that the current Bitcoin price action depicts a normal consolidation market. (Read More) Source link

What Is The Blockchain Wallet? Complete Pierce Through The Workflow and features – BlockchainKicks

A blockchain wallet is a computer software or application that enables crypto users to preserve and conduct transactions with their cryptocurrencies by interacting with the native blockchain network. Every...

Ultimate Guide on Cryptocurrency Trading Bots and its working process – BlockchainKicks

Let us have an overview of what cryptocurrency trading bots are and how they help facilitate trading in the realm of crypto. Predominantly, trading bots have served conventional trading...

Crypto Transactions Now Available for PayPal Users

Payments service provider PayPal recently took down its waitlist for cryptocurrency services. Now, customers can start buying and selling Bitcoin and other digital coins using digital wallets. PayPal...

Major Software Used by Homeland Compromised by Malicious Actors

If 2020 has been known for anything in the internet security space, it has been the proliferation of cyber threats and attacks. It appears that a major U.S....

INX LTD To Use BitGo’s Wallet, Liquidity and Custodial Services

Crypto wallet and blockchain security firm BitGo recently announced that it is supporting INX Limited, a Gibraltar-based crypto company operating the first security token IPO to be cleared...

British Financial Watchdog Sounds Warning on Phony Website

With cryptocurrency prices on the rise, fraudsters are even more incentivized to conduct their operations. The latest in their activities appears to be impersonating one of the most...

Maximum Americans are in contradiction of a CBDC digital dollar, study discloses.

Sep 25, 2020 12:31&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 25, 2020 at 12:31&nbspUTC By&nbspClark U.S. citizens look to be conflicting to a digital dollar in spite, expressing worry or care over the existing...
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