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Unmarshal, a multichain DeFi data network, is pleased to announce the addition of Brian D. Evans as a critical advisor to the team.

As per the announcement, Unmarshal hopes to use Evans’ connections, skills, and experience to strengthen the overall protocol. Evans is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, investor, Forbes top digital marketer, and a renowned blockchain veteran. Evans is also a co-founder of ReBlock Ventures which can be fundamental in helping Unmarshal become industry dominant by guiding the platform into strategic partnerships and initiatives.

Commenting on his new appointment, Brian D. Evans stated:


“Unmarshal has managed to recruit top development talent. I can see this platform doing very well. I’m excited to open up my Rolodex and help them achieve large-scale industry adoption.”

In addition to adding Evans, Unmarshal is also strengthening its querying support for a decentralized application built using Solana’s API. According to the team, the added support will provide safe real-time data to DApps. It will also allow DApps to collect data effectively without creating codes. Note: Defi projects on Solana will also work with Unmarshal experts to develop the correct response and structure.




Unmarshall also plans to add Solana onto its block explorer The API will be catered for several use cases, including P2E gaming, NFTs, marketplaces, and many other applications on the Solana network.

Notably, the API integration will allow the wallets to provide a clearer picture of token balances. It will also help provide information on the given asset and wallet transfer history on the Solana blockchain. It will allow wallets to collect data transaction hash, timestamp, status, and other details on assets listed on Solana. The integration will also help customers get updated with instant alerts on any transactions in their wallets. Lastly, the API integration will allow users to collect wallet NFT balances on the chain.

The Unmarshal network offers to transform tools to power DeFi applications. It provides a fully indexed blockchain data platform to track wallet balances and transactions on multiple chains. The network also offers easy ways to generate tax statements for any wallet while allowing users to track their profits and losses.

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