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In this video, I have explained the outcome of today’s meeting between the Prime minister of India and Finance mister along with …



  1. 🚨[SCAM ALERT]🚨

    Guys, I will never ask you to text me in whatsapp. Scammers are creating fake accounts and replying to your comments to scam you. Please report such replies and stay safe.

    அன்பார்ந்த நண்பர்களே! நான் எனது வாட்சப் நம்பர் கொடுத்து உங்களை தொடர்பு கொள்ளச் சொல்ல மாட்டேன்.
    சில பணம் பறிக்கும் ஏமாற்றுக்கார கும்பல் என்னைப் போன்று நடித்து வாட்சப்பில் தொடர்பு கொள்ளச் சொல்கிறார்கள். அவர்களை நம்பி ஏமாந்து விடாதீர்கள்.!!!
    நான் ஒருபோதும் எனது தொலைபேசி நம்பரை பொது வெளியில் பதிவிட மாட்டேன்.

  2. This is how Redlight media manipulate Tamilnadu people … Anchor எதாவது தெரிந்தால் தானே எதிர்கேள்வி கேட்க தோணும் அவனே எல்லாத்தும் தலை அடிட்டு இருக்கான் 😂

  3. Bro i know crypto from 2011, who is asking people like this to talk about crypto. Waste of time in watching the news like this, before coming to public speaking they should read and do some homework, else don't talk in public. I'm a doctorate in crypto science, but still learning and earning in crypto. Without knowing anything how they're coming to talk in news channel. Even the +2 syllabus contain details about block chain.. Ennamo poonga bro., people want money but not ready to spend time in learning. I know so many youngsters r master in it and diing marvelous things

  4. Thambi very nice to see ur videos about Crypto currency . I need to say I am new to this and eagerly learning how its work. My Daughter is Studying final yr BCA. I want ur suggestion which is best and free software to learn about block chain. R u making a videos for students to learn about block chain brother ?? If so plz let me know how to educate it 😌
    Tq Thambi

  5. Hi bro pls reply this..
    1.How will government accept minting of currency by the so called crypto miners, because currently only the government has sovereign right to print fiat currency….
    2.We'll take an example if all the paper money in circulation is used to purchase the cryptocurrency from crypto exchanges then what the exchange is going to do with paper or fiat currency received from people, because people no more require fiat currency.
    3.Also it is possible to create infinite number of cryptocurrency (not quantity different crypto name) then it is going to be hard task for people on selection of crypto currency…
    Even though exchanges are available for exchanging crypto to any form but the problem is commission we need to pay to exchanges (currently most the time banks do not charge any fees for transaction) so how charges will be accepted by our people…
    4.America is hugely dependent on export of its debt to foreign country through bonds. Other countries value much the US dollar so only they are purchasing bonds. But if this trust is moved to crypto how USA is going to allow crypto to be challenger its own survival.
    More questions yet to be asked…


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