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In a little more than 10 years, Bitcoin has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and the community around Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) has grown …



  1. I think Privacy coins have value and are superior to bitcoin. Moreno can’t even be tracked by the USA government. They are trying to pay millions for who ever finds a way to tracked Moreno lol.

  2. The misinformation in this video is insane. "The more people buy it, the more the price fluctuates". It's actually the other way around. If more people buy an actual coin, its market cap increases. The higher the market cap, the harder it is to move the price (in percentage). That's way some shit coins get x1000 because they have low market caps. You guys can't even seem to understand basic math, let alone economy or programming. Actually funny how much trash is being posted on youtube, talk about waste of memory lmao.

  3. NFTs are the ultimate example of what a scam crypto is. These crypto markets have exploded in value due to all the speculative (real) money flowing into them. But you can't buy anything, produce anything, or invest in anything with crypto! So they literally invented something to spend crypto on, and that something is a "digital collectible" that also doesn't produce or do anything. Call a scam a scam.

  4. LOL Bitcoin a scam? LOL

    If this guy knew how money works then Bitcoin is no different then fiat money value wise. Saying Bitcoin is a scam is the same as saying fiat money is junk.

    True value of fiat money and Bitcoin = 0

    Based on trust. Trust is what makes us accept fiat money. For example, I can buy something with it and another person will accept it. Bitcoin in the near future will have that trait – buy things with it and people will accept it but its not there yet.

    In terms of scam – here is the deal, if Bitcoin is a scam so is fiat money.

  5. If the creators of this channel genuinely wanted to protect viewers from falling victim to a scam, they'd actively root out all the scammers promoting their bogus financial advisors' WhatsApp number.

    It would require a level of concentration not seen in evidence when research into Bitcoin was undertaken for this video.

  6. Okay so explain the recent 2billion usd worth of btc transacted from a Bitcoin wallet to another wallet that only costed .73cents in fees….banks charge 1-3% for overseas wire transfers meaning if they did it through a bank transfer it would costed them 20millon in fees

  7. bitcoin and blockchain are fundamentallly sound assets you are talking about things that were not practical in those days
    u need to to do your homework or you have also invested in crypto but making this video just for views i believe😏😏


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