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What Is is focusing on providing a range of high-quality Decentralized Finance products that are encased in a single platform. The team is developing 4 main features that make it a first Crypto Super App. These features include: – Citadel.One Validator Service The fundamental part of the concept is its Staking-as-a-Service business model. Currently, validates over 20 networks, including Tezos, Cosmos, Solana and others. – Citadel.One DAO With DAO users can actually get more from their staking as XCT is rewarded for staking with nodes via platform. In that sense XCT is a securitized token, meaning it has intrinsic value based on basket of other crypto assets.

XCT token also operates as a governance token, so users can be involved in platform activities directly — they can choose networks and features to integrate, vote for DAO financial and governance settings. – The platform (Mobile and Web) Wallet functionality, staking, and extended portfolio analytics. – Extensions With the introduction of extensions Citadel will be able to natively support any DeFi protocol or Dapp. It can be considered a crypto Wechat, a Super App with Dapps inside.

Basic Information

Get More From Your Staking

Stake, send, and exchange your crypto assets with a user-friendly non-custodial platform. Join the world of DeFi with staking derivatives and DAO.

Staking Platform

  • Non-custodial staking platform
  • Multi-asset support
  • Stake with One-seed, Ledger, Trezor, Metamask or Keplr
  • Stake on any validator of your choice
  • Unified experience with multiple networks
  • Instant cryptocurrency exchange and fiat gateway
  • Biweekly report on your staking rewards

Supported Networks runs active validator nodes on multiple networks so you can stake and earn rewards easily. Use the С staking platform or delegate your assets to our address via any preferred service.

Analytical Dashboard

Multiple cryptocurrencies and dozens of addresses? They aggregate all relevant information about your assets for effortless monitoring and analysis in one place. Keep track of your portfolio with:

  • Visualized balance structure
  • Notifications about your claimable rewards, non-delegated assets, and unstaking periods
  • Detailed rewards information and charts
  • Mark your transaction and reward history with notes

Mobile App

  • Enjoy all-in-one platform for management and staking of cryptoassets wherever you go!
  • Stay on top of your portfolio performance and networks’ updates with our push-notifications
  • Effortlessly connect to the web application or share your addresses with QR-code
  • Sell, buy or exchange your crypto assets in a couple of clicks DAO

In addition to network rewards for staking your crypto assets with nodes you get XCT tokens. Receive extra rewards for staking XCT tokens, and participate in DAO!

With DAO you can:

  • Make decisions about new networks and features, commission rate changes, grants, and other financial settings
  • Take part in community-driven node ownership and profit share
  • Receive your share of admin fees from swaps, exchange & gateway, wrapped tokens

Staking Derivatives

Have you ever been frustrated by lengthy lockup periods that most PoS networks have? For example, it takes 21 days to unstake ATOM, KAVA, and BAND, up to 20 days to unlock ICON, and 3 days to get your IOST tokens back. Assets locked in staking are illiquid, which makes them unsuitable for DeFi purposes. Staking derivatives are here to solve this problem.


DAo & XCT Token

Launched in mid-July’20, Coin has grown into a mature platform with an extensive feature set and a loyal user base. Now we are ready for more! In the coming period, will be transformed into a DAO with an XCT governance token. Be the first to know how you can become a part of it!

The more funds users stake on nodes (1), the more staking rewards (2) and XCT tokens they receive from the Emission pool (3). This increases the capital allocated on DAO nodes and rewards generated by them. 50% of those rewards are distributed to the Community Funds pool (4). Later, they can be voted (5) to get back into the pocket of XCT stakers (6). To further increase gains, users can stake received XCT (7) to get additional rewards (8). We believe this incentive model will allow to become one of the largest validators in the field of Staking as a Service.

With DAO you can

Make decisions about new networks and features, commission rate changes, and other financial settings

Receive your share of admin fees from swaps, exchange & gateway, wrapped tokens

Take part in community-driven node ownership and profit share

Determine grants for members, developers and third parties


Team team is extensive not only by quantity but also by quality. The team consists of specialists that are apt to cover all the tech needs – from DevOps and node administration to backend & frontend handling, from fintech experts to marketing specialists. We’ve accumulated our knowledge and more than 7 years of crypto experience to bring an astonishing product to you.

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