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In this episode, DCA talks about what happened last week with Bitcoin and Ethereum, what are some of the biggest altcoin standouts, what is coming this week, …



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  2. the fact that you hinting at it being a scam is weak … he donated to the sens foundation … name another project that has donated the amount of money he has to a good cause … get rekt bish

  3. The Three Musketeers! You guys have been my favourite voices for a long time. So please stand strong together forever. "All for one and one for all". "Omnes pro uno, Unus pro omnibus, " should be your Latin motto. So who's Athos, who's Porthos and who's Aramis?

  4. Great Show and Insights! Can we see where the Dems and Republicans came down on each side of Crypto? Very clear who is for what. Also, amazing how Crypto has taken center stage and stopped this big bill. That was a great point.

  5. George, you speak like someone who has little to no knowledge of history when talking about regulations. And I dont only mean history in finances, I also mean in geopolitics. They come in to "help", and they end up taking more and more ground and never leave. Classic.


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