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Cryptocurrency crash coming. Bitcoin crash and the Crypto market was created by the government agencies. How Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin will crash soon.



  1. Just proves that there is not much "crypto" in these crypto currencies coz you can steal it ID the thief and ID the owners…sooo…this is unregulated data mining…lol!…wild-wild-west of banking yo :D…can't really do this kind of tracing in the old darknet crypto.

  2. Unfortunately people believe the government isn’t doing this bad stuff so more people will die, government isn’t geniuses! People are just dumb! This stuff is in your face! Eyes but never seeing

  3. This can be done in many ways. As we know teachers are generally helpful, considerate,encouraging and forthcoming towards their students, that’s how ITECHHACKERS🟡COM has been so helpful raising me 2.4btc

  4. The plan is to build up crypto, then crash it through a "hack" forcing everyone back to the dollar. Most holders will lose everything they have in crypto at this point. Then the dollar will collapse due to inflation, and the "hacking" of financial institutions, forcing people to except a U.S. digital currency they can control every aspect of. This is not a theory. The great reset by 2030 will happen. Prepare yourself, as we will also be in the middle of a full blown ice age by 2050. Always do your own research.

  5. Gen Z seem to be suckers for cryptocurrencies.

    Computers & internet have been around since the 90s, & all the sudden in like around 2018 or so, we are told that there's this computer. & if you plug in this computer & turn it on & leave it on………. uh, you make money & get rich.

    -People, if this were true….. don't ya think that we'd of heard this hype before the year 2000??

    I mean seriously!

    We wake up one day, decades after computers & internet have been fully integrated into our lives. & we are told that we can get rich by simply plugging in a computer & just leaving it on (aka mining Cryptocurrencies)??

    If I told you tomorrow that you could get rich by turning your oven on & just leaving it on…..would you do it??

    Oh, wait! There's no computer screen & mouse hooked up to your oven… ….Ok, lets say I offer the world an oven with a flat screen computer & mouse in it.

    You mean to tell me that you'd believe me if I told you that if you turn on that oven & leave it on, you'd get rich "mining" something that's about as real as santa claus??

    What.. just because you see a little number on your computer screen, you think that you are really getting rich?

    [dad slapping son in back of the head]
    "Stop being stupid, & get back in the car!"

  6. Elon Musk did exactly as this guy said he could do!

    If cryptocurrencies didn't originate from at least 1 government…
    …I Guarantee that eventually cryptocurrencies will be controlled by one or a number of governments.

    So, for that reason I would stay away from it.

    PLUS Cryptocurrencies attract scams & hacks. So definitely stay away from it.


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