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Explosive revelations in an upcoming book obtained by CNN detail the final days of former President Donald Trump’s term. According to excerpts of “I Alone Can …



  1. What a joke!! Where were all you idiots when BLM and Antifa were burning, looting and murdering? The election WAS stolen and if you don’t believe it, you’re complicit in a crime.

  2. Does anyone really care what happen to the capital and yet cnn talks blah blah the capital. America does not care. What america cares is peoples business being destroyed by dirtbag rioters Portland Seattle 24/7 looting. Screw the capital they should of burnt it down

  3. Milley should be dishonorable discharged for political bias. There is no place for politics in the military. Can any of you explain to me why you believe it's ok for one of the highest ranking leaders of our Military to be politically motivated??? Politics and military are meant to be the checks and balance to each other. Get him out of there and strip that metal off his chest cause he is a disgraced

  4. How the hell can these anchors speculate on what president Trump's mindset was at the time and why does no one mention that this is We the People's Country, Our Republic, Our Government, and We don't work for the government they work for the People. And all of you democrats and fake news anchors who couldn't give a damn about freedom, this country, or none of the people who are sovereign American Nationals by Birthrights and unknowingly forced into United States Citizen-Slaves before we were old enough to talk let alone understand well enough to make the decision for ourselves and are never offered the opportunity to opt out while piece of shit Pelosi, and pile of shit Schumer and Adam Shitt all have capitalized and continue to make millions off of the people's hard work and money that rightfully belongs to us not them because we built this country and the economy and got nothing while they continue to steal from us everyday and you condone it. And all of you have lost a soldier in your family but did any of you cash in for millions for losing your loved ones while these scandalous, thieving politicians have lied and deceived and cheated and manipulated us and sold out our freedom for their fortunes?? I didn't think so that's why anyone who is on the side of the democrats only as voters and they themselves are not in the business of politics are the dumbest motherf****rs in this country. And if nobody wants to point out the fact that those Patriots were exercising thier God given constitutional rights to overthrow this corrupt government and Pelosi especially and the majority of all of those politicians responsible for the complete and deliberate misrepresentation of the people are by far the worst criminals in this country and should be tried and put to death for Fraud, Collusion, Treason and High Crimes against Humanity and those Patriots should have stood down andet the Armed State Militias take the capitol by force and return it to the people to whom it rightfully belongs because the government has become a monarchy in every sense which has been forbidden since the beginning of this country as well as any attorneys holding public office has always been illegal and they should have all been tried and put to death especially Mark Miller who is a disgrace to the uniform and is not a soldier he is a political ass kissing puppet too who doesn't give a fuck about the Constitution and has no right to act offended for defending The constitution for his political self but don't think the people have the right to defend our constitution ourselves because he obviously isn't worth a fuck at it.

  5. Ivanka: dad call them off.
    tRump: you know what I want.
    Ivanka: No. Call them off.
    tRump: do something for me.
    Ivanka: NO. Make them stop.
    tRump: c'mon. Be daddy's little girl.
    Ivanka: maybe later. Call them off.

  6. CNN news have to be researched just to prove how far from the truth their news are. We and the world know that the election was stolen not in November but as soon as the voters registration were mailed out.

  7. These are bombshells? What, exactly, did you think was going on in Trumps's final days? The drama was real and entirely a matter of what the guys with the guns were willing to go along with.

  8. WHAT is the point of all this?
    EVERYONE knows, EVERYTHING Trump and gang did and said is DOCUMENTED. WHY he isn’t HE persecuted?
    Simple: Politics. Money.
    CNN is out of report worthy news.

  9. Wealthy Globalists like George Soros and the Rothchilds are evil and
    want to control the world and want to take all your rights away like
    your right to own guns and your right to free speach. Globalists are
    responsible for election fraud and the virus.Globalist also control the
    Democrats, Mainstream media, sports, Hollywood and social media.
    Globalists are responsible for election fraud and the virus. Globalists
    removed Trump because Trump wants the people of the world to have the
    power and freedom. Go to the website for the truth. They
    have daily reports…………………….


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