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Welcome to MIANITE! I am slowly regaining my wizardly powers, now I need to hone these powers to become the strongest in the land! Enjoy the survival antics …



  1. Wag goes along with Dianite and in just a couple of days:
    He starts making drugs. Pulls down his friends along.
    Kills a god – Ianite
    Starts to become 'the one who knocks'.

    I love it.

  2. wag if you are goint to make the tessaract you need endium ingots
    you gan get those by smelting ender pearls in a smeltry and make it to blocks!


  3. Wag, when you're making chemicals, if you have the order right, just hover over the one you are making, it has the chemical equation there, ie the amount of the different chemicals you need to put into the synthesizer.

  4. Wagglington, you say there getting gifts and I'm not but that's only because your not on a team so if you join a team hint hint team dianite you may get that hammer TOM got


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