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  1. lol yep best community ever there osrs yep you guys are so much better 😛 that must be why im seeing more and more people playing both games or just straight hopping over to rs3 (probably cause there also not nostalgia whores and using outdated arguments that havnt been valid since eoc release in late 2012 lol) and having nothing good to say about the community lol

  2. Damn runescape is a true private server now, you got worlds you can spawn in shit, worlds that glitch you out when you click on shit. Oh and don't forget the shit community.

  3. This is why i quit rs the combination of just sitting on my ass getting all my 99's again and with jagex's extra bullshit and the selfish community. i just gave up. Ad ive honestly realized how much i miss other games. now i jsut watch rs vids and play hella other games cus is wear its hard to get into anything else when your in rs. Rs was good when it was but everything eventually comes to an end. gf rs :3

  4. I hate it when a clip starts with "watch this".
    We're obviously going to watch it, I don't tend to close my eyes randomly for 10 seconds during a video and try to miss parts of it.


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