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What will governments do to stop private, decentralised currencies? How do social / political / economic freedom indexes compare to a country’s stance towards …



  1. As always… incredibly insightful. Thanks. Dude, you genuinely impress me with your ability to communicate at all levels from technical, to consumer, to long term global economics. You're as valuable to Bitcoin as 20x developers (or more).

  2. in 2006 us govt enforced the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (uigea), which put a stop to what was known as "the poker-boom" some websites found ways to circumvent this but were eventually shut down by the DOJ in 2011.
    Bitcoin not only gives the decentralized payment platform but also offers a space where a poker site could not be seized, censored or shut down by any agency. This is only one of many examples where bitcoin reverts entire laws.
    I think many or all govts. will declare full-scale war on bitcoin in the future, i'm pretty shocked they haven't already.

  3. aantonop you disappoint me. I oppose one small viewpoint and you block on twitter. It wasn't even personal but a balanced viewpoint, albeit an opposing one. You are a thin skinned SJW that clearly has no clue as to what free speech really means. You would be better accepting that there will always be other views on subjects and agree to disagree rather than acting lime a spoilt little kid that spits the dummy. I'm all for people being blocked if they're abusive, but this clearly wasn't in any way shape or form.

  4. “are there any terrorists in the room”

    should have just asked if there are any antifa in the room. But oh no wait, those are the good kind of terrorists. Right.

  5. As soon as BTC becomes more than a pump and dump for the elite they will attack the network and take btc down with ease. America has gone to war numerous times over the dollar, but unlike sending troops to Libya the NSA just needs to take the network down. The powers of the world will never lose control of their money supply and adopt bitcoin as their currency or a reserve currency. The people who control the supply of money to the world have every county and politician/law maker in their pocket, money talks.

  6. Here is a question that I would love to hear your thoughts on, and hopefully there are more people interested to poke your brain on this one! So if you never read this, hopefully some one wants to post this question to your Q&A on patreon!

    If Bitcoin becomes widely adopted in the future, could a debate be started over code changes to introduce inflation?
    For example: They could convince a lot of people that we need inflation because a lot of coins are hoarded by a small group of people. Other arguments could be made ofcourse, and I fear a lot of people could easily be convinced by this.

    Do you think it is likely that this will happen eventually, and what do you think the outcome would be?

    Sorry if the question is long, but this is something I think about a lot. Perhaps right now we have a fixed supply, but what if the majority of the world gets convinced that we need to change that in the future…

  7. Well, Well…Goverment in Poland will Fall. Couple months ago Prime Minister Morawiecki in Davos said that Bitcoin will be banned in Poland. He is very affraid because Power is corruption. Thank You Andreas. Your knowledge is very valueable. Appriciate that.

  8. Yes to all compliments in comments.. You are the reason I, and I'm sure many of us here got BTC. Because of your visionary words. The Internet of Money Vol 1 is excellent viewing.

  9. I think, Bitcoin is testing USD. Currently other national currencies are pegged to USD. Remember converting from national currency to BTC is alternative to converting to USD. This is not something new. The currencies that are suffering, would suffer even if BTC wasn't invented, due to weak economy of that country.

  10. Andreas, many thanks for your your time sensitive answer to these "impationed" people who asked… Had you been delaying some more, the time could have been expired 🙂
    Big thanks ‼️❤️

  11. for so many years again and again you give strength, information and vision. you are awesome , you are genius the true leader. thank you andreas

  12. A follower from Turkey. Have to correct somethings. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legal here to buy and sell. There are so many exchanges also. So if our gov said that 'the users of bitcoin are terrorists' , millions of people had to be in jail now:) so they are not against bitcoin. And how do you know Turkey is behind the terrorism? Theese are serious accusations. As far as i know bitcoin is not illegal in Venezuella too. Contrary it is widely using because of the embargo made by Usa. So it is a lifechanger for the citizens to reclaim their economic freedom. We ( at least me) support cryriptocurrencies because of this situations to gain our freedom as you say in the vid. Best.


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