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——————— 00:00 NTD Business News- 6/1/2021 00:56 U.S. Manufacturing Gained Steam in May 01:41 Hiring at Manufacturers Almost Contracts: PMI …



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  2. They just let in a bunch of Illegals it wont be long they will have plenty of help and the rest of us Have Jack shit! Not to mention the Make Believe Pandemic that Magically disappeared once Biden was in Office!

  3. FYI: High-Altitude Helium Balloons……..that is how satellites stay up in "SPACE"! They have been lying to Y'all for decades just stealing funds from the public. Each country has been doing this. There is no such thing as a satellite "orbiting" in "outer space" – just impossible as heck to get past that darn glass dome! After all, we are all just stuck in an infinite terrarium by He who Created ALL that exists! Just sayin'….Just because most lay persons cannot handle the truth, does not mean the truth does not exist!

  4. NEXUS – CHINA, TRAITORS, FAKE NEWS, GLOBALIST OLIGARCHS, COVID 19, ELECTION FRAUD – USA today may be characterized as being a vichey styled quisling traitor regime manipulated by our wartime enemy China, thru RICO monopoly of internet and TV news programming owned by Globalist Oligarchs. Credible evidence suggest that CCP China deliberately developed Covid 19 and deliberately spread Covid 19 globally to weaken US, whom they considered to be wartime enemy, and as part of the longstanding goal of CCP to conquer the world under global communism run by Beijing. This is achieved by RICO collaboration with Globalist Oligarchs who manufacture and trade in and with China, who has a market that is over 4 times larger than the US market. China colludes with Globalist Oligarchs, including entities like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, who also own or control the US mass media monopolies. The companies that own our major news networks all do business in China. The companies that own the major news networks, NBC, ABC, and CBS, all do significant business in China. Eg. Amazon, google and YouTube is owned or controlled by Bezos. Amazon sources most manufacturing in China, due to sweetheart deals that are essentially kickbacks for censoring news and communications on Google and Youtube to reflect pro-china, pro-marxist, anti-US, anti-patriot propaganda. Comcast, dominates the U.S. media landscape, between NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC. China, with a viewing market over 4 times larger than the USA market easily exerts significant influence over Comcast programming thru threats to deny Comcast access to China viewers if China is displeased with programming. Likewise, Microsoft is easily manipulated by China, who could easily prohibit Microsoft computers and software should Microsoft utter any agenda other than that dictated by Beijing. Even car manufacturers and other industry is manipulated by China who can easily deny access to the much larger Chinese market, or threats of halting the cheap labor and no pollution regulation sweetheart deals they have in china for manufacturing vehicles and parts. In essence, Ford, Chevy and all other US companies that rely upon China for parts and manufacturing are extorted to advance Beijing propaganda, and would suffer badly if they were to do other wise, such as paying for TV commercials on a network that did not follow CCP propaganda directives. This is why US media outlets ignored the obvious evidence that China deliberately created and spread Covid 19 in biological warfare attack on US. This is also why US media outlets spent 2020 in an all out media blitzkrieg propaganda war against US president Trump. This is why US media outlets ignored the obvious evidence of election fraud and instead became a party to that fraud by spreading Chinese misinformation and disinformation that curbed diligent investigation into the 2020 election fraud for the purpose of installing a corrupt, illegitimate, quisling traitor regime that could never have come to power without the support of the US media monopolies and Oligarch RICO working with with CCP china in a manner that rises to the level of Treason, due the Covid 19 biological warfare attack on US, that is an act of war.

  5. My cousin said remember when I had to get a job because if I didn't my probation officer was going to send me back to jail Funny How Times change now we find out that even a year off from work can make people

  6. "The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth." – Albert Einstein / The climate science and meteorological communities, along with mainstream media and countless other agencies have long since completely sold out to the power structure. Countless individuals within these groups have committed themselves to what is nothing less than a total betrayal of populations around the globe and the entire web of life. The ongoing global climate engineering assault could not be more obvious or indisputable to anyone that does any objective investigation and has the courage to face reality. Yet, the so called "experts" continue to fortify the public denial of climate engineering by themselves adhering to the lie on the officially dictated blatant deception. Radio frequency signals leave a very clear and visible signature which is extremely recognizable. Radio frequency transmissions are utilized for manipulating weather systems, cloud formations, and jet stream patterns. The electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (that are constantly being sprayed into our atmosphere by the geoengineers) are manipulated with the global grid of radio frequency transmitters controled by the weather makers. Square cloud formation are not the only indication of the climate engineering insanity, voids in cloud canopies are also a telltale sign of the ongoing manipulation. Nature does not make 90 degree corners in weather systems. The hazy wispy composition of many "clouds" are also a result of heavy atmospheric aerosol saturation. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial "cloud" cover. Global Dimming: A decrease in the amount of sunlight reaching the earth belived to be caused by pollution in the atmosphere. The Diming: Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch) / Patented processes of chemical nucleation for weather modification are a primary component of climate engineering programs. / Just Say No! /How do we end corruption? The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released thousands of prevvious classified documents on unidentified flying objects (UFO). The documents were made available to the public on the Black Vault, an online archive of declassified government documents. What will happen next? / What Big Ag Doesn't Want You to Know: Small Farms Can Feed the World. According to a new peer-reviewed paper, "The Myth of a Food Crisis," corrupt philanthropic and academic sectors in agriculture and development perpetuate the lie that Big Ag is the only way to feed the world. By Jonathn Latham, PH. D. Japan plans to dump 1.2 Million Tons of contaminated Fukushima waste water into the Pacific Ocean. World Oceans in danger. SeaSpiracy a documentry on Netflix / Spanish F L U / Thrive / The CIA False Alien UFO Invasion Op Threat is comming in June 2021 – The Dark Journalist

  7. Here are some facts on all crypto assets..

    1. Useless tokens that sit ontop of a blockchain with no real world value or value that's attached to the underlying asset. No shareholder rights, no voting rights and no rights on liquidation

    2. All of the eth bnb mining fees are based on the individual investors swaping one useless token for another useless token (meme coins). These companies have no real turn over. These useless coin sales are the only thing keeping the lights on.

    3. All defi dapps are based on leveraging/trading one useless token for another useless token, resulting in no real world improvements.

    4. No cryptocurrency name/protocol is unique, I can fork my own chain from btc or rip the exact same code from github, develop my own blockchain exactly like btc, put a token ontop of and call it bitcoin.

    5. Blockchain tech is not new and doesn't need a useless token to sit on top of it. Using ibm hyperledger which is open source and runs circles around all blockchains out there.

    6. A vast majority claim to be decentralised but are far from that.

    7. Skewed morals of Majority of the investors involved "crypto bros". They talk one min about "decentralised the world bro, help the small people" and at the same time knowingly and actively being involved in a ponzi scheme to rob novice small investors.

    8. 10x market cap increase in 10months in all crypto assets out of thin air. No new products were created and no new innovations in that time.

    Shaky foundations, never end well.

    Some one prove me wrong.

  8. High regulation and taxes, along with considerably high unemployment benefits discouraging workers to seek or return to work, has greatly impeded economic growth. Biden's shutting down of the pipeline and attacks on fracking, both creating job loss and greater dependence on foreign crudes, have done nothing but multiply said economic loss.

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