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  1. I recently ventured into trading to create passive income but hasn't been really profitable. I have been documenting my trades and monitoring the market closely but stil
    l running huge losses. Any tips on how to stay profitable?

  2. Fuck the Elon. That manipulator and his followers are gradually losing power. Every tweet he posts becomes less effective. I'm not breaking my position. I continue to buy BNB, FTT and PTF. I know I won't regret it when the CEX trend starts again.

  3. Jrny, You are so lousy for your recommendation !! Look at UNIQ coin you recommended , when you recommended to buy it was around $5 and it has tank to $1.50!!! You had causing me to lose money cause of this . STOP your lousy recommendation !!! I m not sure how you get so many viewers . But I heard my friend in IT that all these fake viewers can be buy!!
    So please stop !!!

  4. Whales will be such a great idiot if they let BTC gets to 16K. Altcoins are getting stronger every time they dump BTC and the entire market. Dumping BTC is the right recipe to make it loses its dominance. Which means that whales will lose control as well. So, do it, and I will be very happy to see altcoins decoupling from BTC very soon

  5. There’s something not right about Elon Musk. There’s people running ads on this platform pretending to be Elon launching a Space X crypto coin and the ads have been approved. Reporting this on Twitter resulted in the tweet being deleted! WTF!

  6. I think if you have 70000 dollar Cardano now, during the next bullrun you could be a millionaire. I'm gonna add 250 dollar every month into Cardano and just stake everything for the next 3 – 4 years.


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