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CRYPTO BAN IN INDIA? | TAMIL EXPLANATION | ARAVINTH YOHAN In this video I explained about crypto ban news in Tamil and How to withdraw our funds, …



  1. I remember last time many sold in panic and price dropped heavily in Indian exchanges and higher price in foreign exchanges. We need to see how the bill will go through in both houses. Ruling government has full majority ,so they would easily pass the bill. We have to watch out . Indian is going towards chinese way(develop own digitial currency) and ban rest of them. It's unfortunate for Indian users may force to trade in P2P ways .

  2. Bro our doubt . Neena solrathu ok .Even if they ban ,we can use foreign exchanges ,but account mapping yetho oru Indian bank like ICICI ,HDFC ,etc ah thaana irukkum .so apdina ,if bank stops transaction to exchanges if govt bans crypto, then in this case we will not be able to transfer money to foreign exchanges for trading,right? Please clarify nanba.


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