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  1. I have some dogecoin but unfortunately I don't even think he'll mention it. If he does it'll be negative.. I'd take any bets right now. Needless to say I'm sticking with it but will lose money for a minute

  2. Good day Everyone, please I've been trying to buy Dogecoin but my exchange app doesn't approve my deposits. Is there anyone that can sell for me? I can pay through PayPal or Skrill or bank transfer
    I'm willing to buy 1Doge @ 1.2$
    I don't want to miss this

  3. Inside word – Doge is about to hit the moon & become the new currency on this planet & as a universal currency! Elon will be throwing more out to us on SNL! Peaaaceeee 🚀 🐕

  4. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD ( remember Mel Gibson's voice in Braveheart )

    wont stop till dogecoin hit 120.000 USD.
    Why 120.000 ?!! just believe in market cap and doge army

  5. We are talking about $1 still 😂 it’s going to be #1 in then world and Whales are going to buy. I’m telling that $1 will be the beginning. I’ll meet you guys in the finish line with my Lambo📈

  6. Hi mate tou seem straight up guy in tour new 18 in uk…hiw to buy and sell simple not high fees like. Oin base..canyou just guide me where to but and sell..thanks

  7. There’s no point in getting into DOGE now, you’re just buying other people’s bags. Get into $SHIB. It’s still early and has so much room for growth. Especially if you can get in now before SHIBASWAP launches and it takes off!


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