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For nearly five years, I was fortunate enough to work as an Executive Director at ConsenSys, where I was tasked with driving the evolution, growth and adoption of the Ethereum ecosystem. My time there taught me to appreciate the value of mutually beneficial partnerships and the indispensable role of high-quality, collaborative advisors.

When I first met Jake and Alex during my early days at ConsenSys, I knew they were building a special organization headed by a diverse group of Web3 and NFT early adopters who were hyper-focused on providing unique value to the community of blockchain entrepreneurs.

Fast-forward to today and CoinFund has become a leading multi-strategy blockchain investment firm. More and more companies are choosing us to lead their fundraising efforts because of our distinct ability to create immediate value by virtue of our technology expertise, our broad network and our business acumen.

That is why I am so excited to join CoinFund as Head of Portfolio Growth. In my new role, Jake, Alex and team have asked me to build an internal organization within CoinFund that will work hand-in-hand with the founders of our more than 50 (mostly) early-stage companies — all of which align with CoinFund’s mission of shaping the global transition to digital assets and decentralized finance.

My team will serve as partners who support and guide founders and their teams during their journeys from early-stage to growth-at-scale. Our work will encompass helping them build world-class teams, protocols, applications and network governance, forming alliances within the CoinFund portfolio companies as well as across other blockchain projects and protocols. I look forward to leveraging my network and professional experience across the Web3 ecosystem and traditional financial services to benefit the CoinFund community.

Most funds talk about investing in their portfolio companies; CoinFund is also walking the walk. The firm’s investment in our Portfolio Growth team — in addition to Seth’s work in Liquid Investments — demonstrates our dedication to meeting the needs of early-stage companies as well as our long-term commitment to the blockchain industry. I am grateful to be a part of the CoinFund team.

Looking forward to Day 1 with thanks and gratitude!


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