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Timestamps: 00:00 Intro (very important) 01:05 WATCH IT ALL PLEASE!!!! 09:00 Outro DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for …



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    00:00 Intro
    01:00 BITCOIN CRAZY TA!!!!

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  2. Chris why put Elons name he didn't sell his personal bitcoin it was tesla that sold. Also they only took some profits to help their quarterly report and test converting back to fiat.

  3. It shouldn’t matter if bitcoin goes to zero or 1million. Bitcoin is just a vehicle to make money. Learn to do TA then scalp, swing and position Trade the ups and downs. Don’t gamble on fundamentals and it’s future.

  4. Chris This "Elon musk sold bitcoin" is not correct….. dont make everything for 5-10 view more please…… ELON MUSK NOT SELL ANY OF HIS BITCOIN! ONLY TESLA SELL!NOT ELON MUSK OMFG

  5. Elon Musk have not sold any of his BTC but Tesla sold 10% of their BTC.
    Why not talk about all the companies that now are buying BTC Instead of spreading FUD?

  6. Amazing video Chris!!! By the start of this week’s tradlng session, moving between losses and gains on its neutral weekly outlook which makes it a tough decision for investors to decide how best to utilise the current market; as for me it can’t be more obvious that tradlng Bitcoin is way more lucrative than just hodlng and waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket. I didn’t think it was possible to make constant win from tradlng till I came across Matt Corallo's program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how tradlng Bitcoin works, to help them stack up more bitcoin, since late last year till date I have made over 8BTC from 2.6 with Matt's help. You can easily get to him on Telegram@MattCorallo

  7. You sounds like you are panicking stating “Tesla SOLD Bitcoin!!!” which sounds like all of it got sold. Elon Musk said Tesla Inc. sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings to demonstrate the token's liquidity.

  8. CEO said they sold to make sure how liquid the exchanges are.. u should check informations before making videos like this.. like ur content but u can do better..

  9. I stopped watching bitboy, he’s too much hype. You used to scare me haha but you are more realistic. I have bought altcoins when starting out because “bitboy said to” and wasted my time.

  10. Tesla selling some BTC best thing ever. They bought BTC as to hedge reserves against $ not to HODL. That is operating capital they use. This proved BTC liquidity for companies. They now are confident that this strategy works. Many will follow. Elon did not sell his personal BTC.

  11. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock accelerating even faster down the track …🗡…🥝

    2012 and 2016 halvings preceded the exponential 2013 and 2017 surges!

  12. No he didn't sell his bitcoin.. Chris you are so annoying with these constant clickbaits.. what you trying to achieve with this ??? You think we're idiots ?


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