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Bitcoin Is a ‘Self-Fulfilling Bubble,’ Roubini Warns: Feb.17 — Nouriel Roubini, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, discusses the surge …



  1. He isn't wrong, BTC likely was manipulated by tether "printing" tokens (USDT) to buy up BTC in the market which inflated the price from $6,000 in March of 2020 to new ATH's. He also isn't wrong that BTC leaves a large carbon footprint and is not very decentralized because China provides more than 50% of the mining for BTC. What he is wrong about is his conclusion BTC is not an asset/currency; BTC's utility primarily functions as a way for us to initially interact within the blockchain space and gain access (buy tokens) to other blockchain networks that provide solutions to real world problems.

  2. It does have a value as it’s a currency ; these boomers are living in the past and my guess is they are scared a new era is happening before their eyes 👀

  3. Governments of the world are building up to a financial reset because the last experiment did not work. Digital currency is the way forward in some form or other. No doubt the globalists are beginning their propaganda to bring Bitcoin down. Hold on to your hats guys.

  4. Bitcoin is the forest fire. Let it burn.
    What will emerge from the smouldering ecosystem is a blockchain or related decentralized technology that will be truly groundbreaking.

  5. Anyone who has played an MMO at least once in their lifetime, knows how easily whales can manipulate the market. Now add intelligence agency money and intellectual resources foreign powers to it, and ask yourself.
    Is it impossible to manipulate a BTC price, if you're big enough?

  6. As Bitcoin is out of western government control i.e. not able to tax it or even manipulate it then cryptocurrencies has no place or ever allowed to be used in everyday transactions, it will be forced to zero & become totally valueless. Possible to have other uses but not anything financial.


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