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About is a social-driven decentralized public-benefit platform aimed to endow users to gain influence on the political system through gathering money for changing laws, creating free economic zones and radical innovations Aeneas and WhiteBIT are jointly giving away a total of 33,400 ASH to 500 lucky participants. Create an account on WhiteBIT, complete simple social tasks and submit your details to the giveaway form for a chance to win 66.8 ASH. platform is an element of the digital civil society ecosystem, designed to facilitate its sustainable development, arrange lobbying markets, increase the inclusiveness of political and legislative processes, expand minority opportunities to take advantages of their rights, to support small and medium-sized businesses, to hold call for tenders through crowdfunding campaigns and complex audit of projects by building a decentralized infrastructure of hybrid intelligence.

First Step

Create an account at WhiteBIT.

Second step

Join Aeneas Telegram group and Telegram channel.

Third Step

Follow Aeneas on Twitter and post a tweet about Aeneas. Tag them and three friends.

Fourth Step

Submit your details to this giveaway form.

Fifth Step

A total of 500 lucky participants will get 66.8 ASH.


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Aeneas is a social driven decentralized public-benefit platform aimed to endow users to gain influence on the political system through gathering money for changing laws, creating free economic zones and radical innovations.

Political tools

Aeneas is a facility to push state institutional changes through Blockchain tech and involving global talents into political life.


One of the foundamentals of Aeneas is a providing of e-residency instance for new state formations on a territories where Aeneas exist.

Playing field

Ukraine is a first state for Aeneas to implement. This case will provide a successful model for bringing significant changes to worldwide.

Beer goes crypto – Honest Lobbying Conversation

Friends, on May 16 we spoke at a Beer goes crypto event in Kiev. The general theme was interesting and touched the main problem of cryptoactive assets today – payment for goods and services in the crypt. Anton Kobrynets spoke on Aeneas, he spoke about the project, cases of using cryptocurrency and the possibilities…

The Technical Update: Report

Friends, network upgrade from May 15 took place! This review will look at the latest network improvements. 1. Transactions Now officially work transactions. In this regard, we remind you that the commission for transferring funds from the wallet to the wallet is temporarily not charged. Later the commission will be introduced and will be…


The idea of crowdfunding originates in the XVIII century, when eminent masters attracted money or pledge investments for their future artwork. After a while, this concept found application outside far from the field of arts. The next step of development of pledge investment became possible due to the rapid growth of the Internet and electronic non-banking payment systems. Thanks to powerful marketing, several large crowdfunding platforms managed to gain a high popularity among users who need just to be registered for small money transfers through the Internet. Fundraisers accessed the rapidly growing Internet audience.

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User verification

Creating an account is anonymous and includes generation of cryptographic key pair. Each user can have an unlimited number of accounts. In case of user needs to deanonymize himself for public activities, personified digital signature use, etc., he can submit a verification request. Technically, verification is a special transaction and adds personal user data (passport id, bankID) to Aeneas Blockchain after being verified by special verification account called Ephor. From the start access to this account belongs to Aeneas Team and will be delegated to community in future by direct master-nodes votings.

Aeneas platform structure

Aeneas platform consist of couple of components which are Aeneas Sanctum frontend,
the Aeneas Lepton crowdfunding, call for tenders module, the hybrid intelligence
system consisting of the Euclid and the expert evaluation crowd wisdom module (VP),
self-governance constructor engine Polity, smart contracts system, Aeneas Marketplace
and a votings module.


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