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Timestamps: 00:00 Intro (very important) 01:05 WATCH IT ALL PLEASE!!!! 06:00 Outro DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for …



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    00:00 Intro
    01:00 BITCOIN CRAZY TA!!!!

    DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.

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  3. We aren’t 💯 I guess that’s why we are watching these videos we watch to learn new things and get better, I’ve been a trader for a while now and I’ve learnt a lot but not all and I know there are newbies and people trying to learn more about trades and crypto and I’m ready to give a hand with all I know replay under this comment if you are interested

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    Moreover Top 10 Tier Exchange Listing confirmed on 19th of May
    Please make review video on $DEXA

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  6. Harmony is Eco Friendly and good for the earth. Majority of the validators are cloud based and with the extremely large amount of apr that can be made; everyone wins in this ecosystem. 


  7. Ya ya ya… Whenever things goes your way you say ..
    quote Chris “people are always laughing at me…” . but when things go against yours… you will say “I warned you…” craps!! Full of hype craps


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