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Timestamps: 0:00 – Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO) 0:26 – Scary time to be a new Bitcoin holder! (Bitcoin 20% CRASH!) 1:04 – $300 Billion Worth Of …



  1. Harmony one is at 10 cents it’s such a obvious buy the founder made google maps it was at 20 cents !!! Buy it up now !!!! And this is financial advice idgaf at least it’s showing 10 cent in binance headed back up to 20 cent rn

  2. i think it’s time to make a video on kleros! it’s in the top 500, very interesting project, there is good reason to believe kleros will partner with Twitter. Jack Dorsey follows the kleros account. It’s definitely worth looking into.

  3. Totally frank question, who would waste their BTC nowadays to buy burger and fries?? Or would you use gold to buy it?
    Don't be the Pizzaguy having spent 10.000 BTC for a pizza

  4. ETH is a platform for performing actual work and therefore generates value. It will continue to increase steadily as all value based markets do.

    BTC is nothing but a bloated record keeper that cannot compete in the long run.

  5. Lmao eip 1559 and btc halving. This has been the perfect storms of perfect storms. Its being so clearly telegraphed that its funny how clear the whole cycle is this time around.

  6. Many people are going to lose the shirt of their backs backing a 'sure thing'. BTC failed as a currency and is starting to fail as a digital store of value, theres nothing tangible of value btc has, unlike other projects explosions such as de fi and ethereum which DOES offer something tangible, btc is coming to and end like it or not dont be stuck holding a bag full of nothing. Supporters of btc simply will say whatever they can to convince you of the most obvious of truths to prevent further price deterioration, btc IS nothing. 47k and falling.


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