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Coinlife is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for those who want to get involved in Bitcoin and many other altcoins with confidence, by using ultimate trading tools. Via its personal approach, the brand managed to design an ecosystem where people committed to work and constant learning are able to take advantage of the opportunities emerging daily.

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Crypto is still one of the most volatile asset classes in the world, yet equipped with the right tools, it is possible to benefit from the rising popularity and potential broader adoption. Because Coinlife had carefully picked all the features that can have a meaningful impact when trading crypto, its offer is now worth analyzing in greater detail.

The right trading platform?

Due to the wild price action moves seen often in the world of crypto, trading software becomes a very crucial variable. Aware that only with an advanced trading platform such as Coinlife customers can get involved in the market optimistically, Coinlife relies on a proprietary platform, accessible via its website, on any device, not requiring any prior installation.

Coinlife trading platform

Trading on desktop, laptop, or mobile devices are all approaches embraced by traders since few can stay in front of the chart 24/7. The flexibility of the platform grants easy access regardless of location. Conducting technical analysis or managing opened trades is thus possible anytime and anywhere.

Setting up a Coinlife account

If Coinlife managed to convince you, the next step will be setting up an account. The process is simple and will require the provision of personal details, followed by the submission of identification documents to get the account verified.




After a deposit is made (using a credit/debit card or wire transfer), traders can proceed  right away. All procedures have been optimized so clients won’t need to lose precious time with technicalities.

Another important thing to highlight is that all customers can trade using a single account type. This means all the features and tools will be available for all, confirming the brand wants to facilitate broader access to crypto for the wider public.

Coinlife main benefits

Customer Service and Education

When technical difficulties arise or additional information is required, Coinlife stands ready to act via its customer support service. Using the fast live chat feature, or the email support, registered customers or anybody interested can get in touch with an agent. This service is now available 24/6.

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The brand supports its customers even more, by offering educational resources. The Coinlife blog is a place where new articles are being added regularly. Traders passionate about crypto and willing to learn new things can find the resources informative, especially if they’re in the early stages of crypto trading.

Also, Coinlife grants support via a dedicated team of account managers, available after a live account has been opened and a deposit was made.

Pros and Cons

–          An optimized crypto infrastructure with a rich crypto coverage

–          Platform with a superior performance and user interface

–          Traders benefit from support 24/6

–          Coinlife services are for English-speaking individuals

–          MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 not part of the platform coverage

–          Social trading features not available

Final Note

Starting to trade cryptocurrencies with Coinlife is one of the avenues people can choose when wanting personalized and efficient trading conditions. This is a brand relying on a team of experts that has managed to bring together all the features that are needed to cope with the challenges arising when trading Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins. Coinlife is thus a trading platform that needs to be considered, especially by those wanting to gain access to high-performing altcoins. 


The views expressed in the article are wholly those of the author and do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. This article is not meant to give financial advice. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the various cryptocurrencies available.

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