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0:00 Intro 1:48 Robert Kiyosaki Bull Case for Bitcoin 7:35 What could cause the Bitcoin price to crash? 13:10 Recent Bitcoin news – Bullish Credits: To watch full …



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  3. the "price" is actually a relation between two entities .. the Dollar and Bitcoin. The exchange rate depends on two different fundamentals. Not just Bitcoin's, but Bitcoin's and the Dollar's. If that significant element is missed, there is no understanding. The Dollar is increasingly finely ground, worthless dust. Bitcoin is integrity. That remains true, no matter the desire that Bitcoin declines in significance relative to the Dollar (ie. declines in exchange rate).

  4. Apparently I believe nothing can make bitcoin crash because it has proven itself so many times to be the best crypto currency one can invest into.I have really benefited a lot since I got to know about bitcoin.Bitcoin has really brought a lot of people out of poverty in different part of the world,but it doesn’t end in just buying bitcoin and leaving it in your wallet to appreciate which is the mistake a lot of people make about bitcoin investment .


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