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CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP, BITCOIN Crypto is the definition on tendie season — Don’t miss your opportunity! Moon Gang Discord: …



  1. I'm playing the long game with crypto! Upon your advice I tried to get blockFi but was having some issues so I ended up with Gemini. I do have a blockfi account though. So I will familiarize myself with it again. Matt what do you think about all the technical issues with certain platforms like coinbase? That's what I originally used but my account has been frozen for weeks. Have you ever experienced this??

  2. Great teaching video. You get right to the point. Sure Bitcoin will have a slide down a bit. An this is always a great time for folks to buy in. Its still will come back and go to the moon.

  3. Matt, please look into BlockFi withdrawal policies. They go against everything that bitcoin is. Want to withdrawal your coins to another wallet? WAIT 2 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THEY START PROCESSING IT. I put in $100 and converted to bitcoin, then tried to send that to a private wallet and they had a minimum withdrawal that was $200 worth of BTC. Scummy and I will never use them again. If you care about the future of BTC, don't support this so it doesn't become commonplace.


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