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  1. Bro.. Pls check #pacglobal . There developed a product called #yandna . Already In use by corporate companies. It will be released to public in January. Don't wait till it's too late . You have responsibility to let people know about projects like this. Bitcoim 23000 reach ayyindi but who bought it at less than 1000 $ ? . Nobody. We have to find current projects which are similar to bitcoin in 2009 . Don't miss out bro. Pls check.

  2. Hi Harsha,

    Your are awesome on crypto platform.

    From since 2017 onwards I didn't earn single penny from crypto.
    I lost nearly 1k usd in scam ico.

    Please suggest long time investment which coin suitable now at present market.

  3. if satoshi is admin of Bitcoin he can change last access time. Bitcoin may not have an admin and single database. But all website need an admin who pays for maintenance and hosting costs with central database.


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