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HSBC, the largest bank in the U.K, will no longer be transacting with cryptocurrency exchanges; it will neither process crypto payments nor allow wallet-to-bank …



  1. What a Load of BS. This guest is a clown. Where did they dig him up from? Big loss of credibility for Daniela, esp. after just having Max Keiser on. She has either been bought out, or she's frightened or she's not as smart as we thought. Although this is a very Bullish signal, that they are trying to frighten people out of BTC (whilst they are secretly buying – ring any bells??)

  2. HSBC is the "criminals banks"… England is a dying relic.. Their vampire financial and economic model is under threat by a liberated option that is inclusive to every human on the planet.. For an empire who still thinks its noble and prestigious to be so… All governments should shut down their covetous clandestine shadow governments that violate the 10th commandment.. Lets get on with folding up the old world order and realizing prosperity for the entire human race.. That is the clandestine protocol for Bitcoin…

  3. China launched the digital currency but the state holds your privat key. Every other country will try to do the same. Some might give you private key but with a tone of regulation. No sane person should support state run digital currency. As the guest said, they will try to keep banking centralised.

  4. Interesting that she os shocked by 300% raise of bitcoin while you look around and there so many zombie companies and baseless stonks made even bigger move since low march and seems she is ok with that!

  5. Freedom is the key word, this week, maybe the year: Freedom of speech, Freedom from the state (CV&Travel), freedom from the banks := FREEDOM OF HUMANITY! This is the Great Reset.


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