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I was just looking through ND house bills (mostly a lot of BULLSHIT) and I stumbled upon this!

A BILL for an Act to create and enact section 6-09-15.10 of the North Dakota Century Code,

relating to cryptocurrency custodian services and exchanges; and to provide for a legislative

management report. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF NORTH DAKOTA: SECTION 1. Section 6-09-15.10 of the North Dakota Century Code is created and enacted as follows: 6 – 09 – 15.10. Cryptocurrency – Exchange – Custodian services. The Bank of North Dakota may provide custodian services for digital currency and may implement a digital currency exchange. SECTION 2. BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA – CRYPTOCURRENCY – REPORT TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE. During the 2021-22 interim the Bank of North Dakota shall study the feasibility and desirability of providing digital currency custodian services and of implementing a digital currency exchange. Before August 1, 2022, the Bank shall report to the legislative management’s information technology committee the outcome of the study.

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