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Today I am going to tell you the exact reasons why Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market is going down. I also show you something important you need to see …



  1. We don't know what will happen but better be informed and protect yourself. I believe we are in the middle of a bull run and along the way, corrections will keep happening. We should stay strong until 300K.. If you still have the same faith in crypto you that this story is now used in manipulating the narrative. Holiday is coming.. Enjoy yourself, have fun, read articles, Netflix and chill, go on a date, have sex, play sports, spend time on your hobbies, go travel, etc. Because as for me it really depends on the amount of "risk" short/long term you're willing to take. Short term the top coins might do well, long term projects like Stakenet (XSN) will do amazingly well, as its the only project working on trustless instant BTC ETH LTC transactions with next to 0 fees on their DEX and Multi Currency Wallet (built in 1 dApp).

    Look for amazing project with a new top tier exchange coming soon and sit back and relax. So if you're bullish on either BTC/ETH.. Small cap project like XSN Is a good bet too..
    Just sayin folks..

  2. I experienced a turn around in my life when I met vadoo_hacks on IG he change my situation from living in panic to been financially stable
    he is the best in bitcoin mining 🙈

  3. Ok dude usually like ya input but cant say with that's why I went down nobody can you can say this might be one of the reasons adding to downward pressure having a parabolic run and needing to cool off could be another the g7 summit gathering and agreeing that crypto has to be better regulated can be another or the huge sell wall at all time high so many reason not just one and definitely not the mount gox dont try to act like ya know cause in crypto no one knows!


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