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  1. The guy leaving EOS might actually be positive for EOS. He does not succeed with anything. And he might have sold his stake in recent months / years.
    Now that he is gone / done the team might finally make progress and the price rebound.

  2. The current pullback in Bitcoin is linked to a pullback in stocks, as stock futures are sinking as of Sunday afternoon's open. There have often been periods of correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market. During the COVID panic of Feb/Mar 2020, BTC fell with stocks. Generally, when stocks plummet, BTC does too. The reason is because during times of panic, money is pulled out of everything and kept in cash until the markets settle down.

    So we shouldn't look at the current pullback in Bitcoin as anything long lasting. The future for BTC is still up, similar to stocks, all due to unprecedented stimulus and ultra-low interest rates near zero. Stimulus and low interest rates will continue to weigh the dollar down for another decade, and because of that, stocks and Bitcoin will continue their upward climb for at least that long.

    The current pullback in stocks and BTC is due to recent spikes in COVID cases around the world following the recent Xmas and New Year's celebrations. The pullback is only temporary, and is thus a great buying opportunity. Remember, at some point BTC will hit $100k, $200k, $300k, and so on all the way to $1 million eventually.


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