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Help keep Rebel reporters safe: David Menzies was downtown in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, at 11 a.m. on …



  1. "Old Stock Canadians" are being eliminated, by the 'education system' (which doesn't teach Canadian History) and by the leftist elite. WWI doesn't mean anything to today's "Canadians".

  2. πŸ€”i have to wonder if it's the country as a whole or just a large portion of Toronto? I mean just 10 yrs ago we had people pulling over on the Express way for fallen military members , which happened enough to rename that portion "the highway of heroes" largely from Afghanistan.

  3. If you're so keen on remembrance can you explain to me why you observed one minute of silence instead of two? Stop show boating when you're no better than the people you seek to criticize.

  4. Toronto is dead to me as part of canada and is probably the model for trudont to create his socialist multicultural utopia

    In toronto in 2020 its lets we forget

    I wouldnt serve in combat again for that unworthy travesty of a country like i did in 07 and 2010

  5. The whole endeavor of commemorating is out of context and time. I am not saying that people should not remember and somehow show their appreciation (which most do not; they just pretend to care; but can not associate for they can not even name one veteran); but this should not be forced unto people on a national and socially public level. The living veterans and the ones who perished did not fight for our freedom as we know it today. Instead they fought and sacrificed so to maintain a certain system of being, understanding, and thinking: that system at that time was one strongly enshrined in christian principles, superiority of one skin pigment over another, reliance and adoration of the royal crown, clear views on gender roles, specific vision on the need of preserving imperialistic practices (strong hold over colonial possessions), combating ideological alien entities (aka communism, totalitarianism etc) to the end, unique views on human rights (women not allowed to vote), etc etc etc. The idea behind contributing to the war cause back then was to preserve these norms intact as they were experienced back then and as projected as the ultimate most supreme expression of western civilization in that moment. Those folks knew nothing of how our modern day present, their future, would look like for they were not oracles. So we are doing them a disservice and we are acting in a disgraceful manner by commemorating their contributions knowing full well that we have thrown into putrid decaying garbage everything they stood for and tried to preserve and uphold. These state propagated infusions are mere attempts to try to hold together some minimal social and cultural cohesion (which no longer exists) so that the rich can preserve their monopolistic hold on power and wealth for as long as they can – even though they know that this can not last long for there are forces in the making that have been created by them and over which they have lost control, or created by other circumstances, they have no experience with and can not comprehend in degree of severity to their current standing, of which they have not hold over, that will soon in due time unravel the entire establishment from within (as per the roman empire curse). Do not enforce the practice upon others, do not stereotype them if they refuse, do not further anger them immigrants (not nascent to this land and its, now vanishing, traditions) further by forcefully conforming them to alien constructs. Every one is an individual with their own merit, right to think and belief, and ability to be unique. Stop the assimilation. End the blind conformity. Man the present effectively so you can have a prosperous and flourishing just and moral future, possibly.

  6. Technocracy/corporatocracy = enslavement via convenience and cute commercials.

    Basically factory farming people for maximum profits just as they do to animals…which I do not support either.


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