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Ethereum and Bitcoin are the two biggest cryptocurrencies. However, they differ in purpose. Bitcoin is designed to act as an alternative currency or digital currency while ethereum supports peer-to-peer applications and contracts through its local currency vehicle.

The current hype that surrounds Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), crypto, and blockchain technologies have rivaled the dot-com bubble that dominated the late 90s. Many investors are coming into the crypto space and it seems like it will not slow down any time soon as more institutional investors come in. Ethereum and bitcoin are attracting more notable investors.

Since the ICO boom of 2017, more people have come into the nascent space with a large percentage aware of the potentials that the crypto industry presents.


Some analysts define Bitcoin as a ‘digital dollar’ while others believe that it will become an alternative to the dollar. In general, bitcoin is a form of digital dollar minus the official regulations that come with a bank. This characteristic makes it a disruptive concept since it is money held in a digital form.

Anyone can set up an account to buy and sell bitcoin through various crypto exchanges. The bitcoin price is known to fluctuate depending on supply and demand. Nonetheless, people are converting bitcoins into ‘tokens’ to participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Based on the supply and demand of the tokens, the price rises and falls.


Notably, tokens operate on a secondary market which is separate from the price movement of bitcoin’s market as a currency. Some people acquire bitcoin since they want to store their money in a place other than a bank. Some buy bitcoin as an investment hoping that its price will rise significantly in the future

Others buy bitcoin as a method of investing in firms that raise funds via IEOs and previously ICOs. They do that because the equity in these companies cannot be bought with fiat currency. It is only possible to buy tokens with Ether or Bitcoin.


Ethereum is another crypto that many people believe has the potential to overtake bitcoin in the future with its ever-increasing use cases. Currency is relative in any economy. Since bitcoin is the leading coin and the first that was developed to introduce cryptos to the world, the price of all other altcoins is measured against bitcoin.

For instance, Litecoin is gaining adoption in many industries around the world but it is not the market leader since its price is still affected by the direction that bitcoin takes at any given time.

On its part, Ethereum is different in its technology and not the fact that it is another crypto. Ethereum’s coin which is known as Ether is just like bitcoin. It is purchased and sold at various crypto exchanges and it is used by investors to invest in IEO and DeFi opportunities.

The primary difference between bitcoin and ethereum is that bitcoin is mainly a currency while ethereum is a ledger technology that firms use to build new programs. Both are powered by blockchain technology but Ethereum’s platform is bigger. Ethereum is evolving incorporating new features, developments, and upgrades to serve a wider base of developers.

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Some say that if bitcoin was version 1.0 then ethereum is 2.0 since it powers the building of decentralized applications to be built on it. It is a great platform for innovation. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a super-group of Fortune 500 companies, supports Ethereum’s technology. They have agreed to learn and build upon the “smart contract” technology.

Smart contracts are designed to enable the demanding business applications to automate their complex applications.

Ethereum And Bitcoin Difference

Ethereum’s technology has huge potential to impact Internet of Things (IoT) processes and projects. It has opened the doors for various unique innovations. Thus, the difference between ethereum and bitcoin is their separation of roles. They are focused on parallel and different goals. As bitcoin succeeds in disrupting currency, ethereum is disrupting equity.

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