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  3. Remove him, please. And the dollar isn't misused by "terrorists", drug dealers and corrupted government officials? Let people trade. Anonymous trade is a human right. If terrorists are using crypto to trade, it's not the fault of the currency, it's your fault for not finding the terrorists. You are funded by massive amount of tax money, what is your excuse for failing against minuscule terrorist organizations. This guy should be jailed. Abolished income tax but not value added tax. Abolish everything that goes against trading. Trading should be a human right and there shouldn't be any barrier against trading. I don't care who and what you do, you should be able to trade your service and goods to anyone around the world without any barrier. The services and goods can be legal or illegal but the trade is always legal; however being in possession of an illegal good or having done something illegally is the crime. You people should know the difference. I have an illegal product and it's perfectly legal to trade but it's illegal to possess it or having possessed it. trading is a human right while being in possession of illegal goods is a crime.

  4. 🇺🇸 There's are quite a few members of press that were there, that were quite nasty and disrespectful!
    Treasury State Stephen Mnuchin, 10 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️🇺🇸

  5. SO… Mr. Secretary… What you're saying is that this is the beginning of the war on cash. Soon, Americans will not be able to use greenbacks…Only digital held money generously approved (and taxed) by the The Department of the Treasury and the banks. Next step is Negative interest rates to anyone who has money in the bank….Account holders will be Unable to withdraw cash, other than very small sums…and all will be tracked so you (our benevolent banking system and government) can harvest what we have left. Am I the only one upset about this agenda.

  6. When someone says that BTC is created out of thin air I wonder, do they understand the mining process of BTC on the blockchain? I've always thought that was a slightly ignorant analogy.

  7. Don't believe a word this guy says. Bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial system and taking the power of issuning money out of the real criminals hands! ((Banks/Wallstreet/Govt)

  8. The U.S $ Dollar has the government and stocks backing it, cryptoscam doesnt and cant be traced. crytoscamers are defending something used anonymously in the black market with no backing by any government or stocks.

  9. USD is also based on thin air. Actually worse be cause it can be created by typing numbers into a computer at the fed. At least Bitcoin must be mined and is finite in quantity.

  10. Thanks for such an informative video. Looking at the 50 and 200 MA, there is an impending golden cross which similar to that at the early stages of 2016/17 bull run and this would happen soonest, thereby skyrocketing the value of Bitcoin. I would advise all to do what I have been doing for the past 4 months which is growing my portfolio by trading while waiting for what is obviously coming now. Trading in itself may not be an easy task but doing so with professional guidance through signals makes it a lot easier and profitable. After talking to Gérard Barrientos when I stumbled upon him in a seminar, I started following his trade patterns and also using his signals and in my first 2 weeks, I had grown my portfolio by 6 BTC. That’s the secret to successfully trading and winning, trading the signals of a highly experienced trader with proven track record. Gérard can be reached through {{gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640} for any questions regarding his system.

  11. All these questions are trash!!! I was waiting for a question along the lines like "Bitcoin main purpose was to be a decentralized peer to peer system what's the point of a banking system if I can just send you money without a third party?"

  12. Make no mistake, Steve Mnuchin is Goldman Sachs' previous head of the equity trading department. He actively manipulated markets for Goldman Sachs. If you believe he's not out there to cleverly mislead sheeple into making the wrong moves, so that they can make fat profits off of it, then you're wrong. He's a snake in the grass, watch out!!! Another thing, real crypto currencies don't care what this guy is thinking of doing!!

  13. Isn't it fascinating listening to the absolute arrogance of these people. If Chili's wanted to change their menu, and Red Lobster called and said, "whoa! Wait a second here. We have to regulate how this new menu is structured." The chili's people would laugh, maybe say FU, and hang up the phone. it is only in political situations where people's normal, natural, correct, and moral life guidelines can be bent in this sort of a twisted and sick way. Person A and Person B are conducting business together, and along comes person C (an interloper, and an unwanted voice of pure outsider violence) and tries to immediately implant themselves into the VOLUNTARY TRANSACTION. The PEACEFUL voluntary transaction that person A and person B are conducting. The US government somehow thinks it is Jesus Christ Almighty, or God himself…. and thinks it has the right to jump into the private affairs, economic dealings, and business transactions of the rest of the world and it's people. From where would THAT sort of a power or right come ??? Seriously think about that. People around the world would like to start trading with one another using a different system of trade, and along comes a group of people who feel that they have the right to force themselves into the transactions. By what stretch of the imagination would this be the least bit moral ??? The answer is that it is NOT. The fact that we so cavalierly accept this sort of treatment from them just goes to show that we fear them. They are holding us all under a state of duress. (a state of fear for our freedom and safety) because otherwise we would tell them to mind their own damn business, which is what is obviously the moral and correct truth of this matter. he entire crypto space was created to get AWAY FROM the draconian evil of these interloping violent pirates…. not to include them in our decisions about how we will conduct business together. We neither need, nor want their help, input, or their violent threats in our economic lives. I will be long dead before he day comes when freedom again spreads across the Earth… but I truly hope that before I die, I get to tell at least one of these monsters to their face how evil they are. They think they OWN US. Everything they do is a representation of that assertion. They think that they OWN US. They do NOT… the first thing all human beings must realize before they can be truly free is to understand that no one owns you, except YOU. We all own ourselves, and no other. Self ownership is the core principle to freedom, and the most important principle that must be understood if a person ever hopes to fully grasp and understand PROPERTY RIGHTS. Because the "self" is where property rights stem from. That is where they originate. This is a scientific truth. (a fact) and not an opinion. The things I have said above are known by very few human beings on this planet.


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