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  1. Pathetic. It's .2742 and down like what 20% this year alone. 90% from highs of 2017. Come on XRP Youtubers. Spend more time bashing Ripple for diluting this and having these so called NDA's which is short for no transparency. Real Wizard of Oz bullsh_t. Any stock holder or board member would have their CEO ousted for such crappy performance. Why is Ripple's Garlinghouse and Schwartz being given a pass. They should be pressed on the dumping and XRP Youtubers should stop pumping.

  2. XRP owners are some of the most clueless people on the planet. I probably have more xrp than 95% here. But i bought so much because of a d bag friend of mine. You guys are like gold bugs. And it took 8 years for gold to start a bull market again. It will be a decade from the pop of the xrp high until it reaches those highs again. And then you guys say- its being manipulated. Just like silver bulls from 2011. Why invest in something that is being manipulated and in a popping bubble. I am sure xrp will do a lot of what people hope. But not until people like DAI have moved on to other investments first.

  3. From what I hear, they can NEVER pay off the global debt. Too big. Another option is to wipe the slate clean with a Reset. But that would be an extreme option caused by extreme circumstances. A global economic recession/depression the likes of which the world has never seen before perhaps. And such a global reset would probably also completely TANK the traditional markets.

  4. While Bitcoin (BTC) is still not decidedly in an uptrend, it is doing a lot better than it was a bit earlier this week, when the cryptocurrency cratered to $9,500 in a massive -8% day. One model, however, suggests that the pain isn’t over for the cryptocurrency market just yet. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of the Alfred Churchill program, a professional who is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin trading strategy, with its program going from 5btc to 12btc in just 3 weeks. Feel free to contact Mr. Alfred Churchill at ( Telegram @ tradecrypto76 Whatsapp + 1 559 425 4010 or email (alfredchurchill02 @ gmail com) for trading insights and thank me later ✌️🤝

  5. Yo I study anatomy, that’s either your hamate bone or capitate bone most likely your hamate as when you look that up you’ll understand why, hope she’s alright if it’s a fracture it’ll fuse as long as you don’t do anything crazy

  6. XRP IS GONNA DIE WITH THE BANKS cus those are their number#1 bread and butter Customer..That's what Bitcoin was created to do in the first place after 2008 Housing Bubble Bust and Bank Bail outs.Look around,banks are slowly beginning to fold,just wait for Deutsche Bank or a Chinese Bank to ignite the dominos effect of each one begin to fall..XRP will come crumbling with them financial institutions;Banks are outdated.

  7. When ripple begins their multi million dollar advertising campaign and governments across the world give the nod you are going to hear a giant whoosh sound. Bitcoin will deflate quickly once xrp surpasses it in market cap. What multi billion dollar company will be in bitcoins corner?

  8. Hey DAI I love you man but I really wish you would do live streaming so I could taunt you a little bit while I'm crappin my big boy pants. Sometimes you have to take the big boy pants off and have them laundered. Is that even illegal? Not yet!

  9. Arthur Britto

    President, Founder and Board Member

    Arthur Britto co-founded Ripple and designed the XRP ledger. Ripple has grown to over $30 billion in assets in just 5 years. Prior to Ripple, Arthur was CEO of Information Access Technologies Inc., one of the first ISPs. Arthur is a renowned technical leader in the digital asset space.


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