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Best overall (hardware wallet) – 1. Ledger Nano X: Most affordable (hardware wallet) – Trezor One: Most beginner …



  1. 70 dollars for a hardware wallet isn't all that much if you have a few grand invested into coins. Keeping your money on an exchange isn;t the best idea as seen by recent kucoin hack..

    I have the ledger nano x… overall it is a good wallet, but it does have glitches when you pair it with MetaMask. Sometimes when you want to confirm a transaction to swap a coin on Uniswap, to stake a coin or to transfer funds to an exchange it won't let you because the verification confirmation isn't sent to the ledger. It is pretty frustrating, but at least my funds are 100% safu. 🙂 3.5/5 stars

  2. I don’t know if this guy & 99Bitcoins are paid to be biased towards other wallets or not but if you do a little bit more research you’d know that the Trezors do infact support XRP as of 2019, I don’t know where this dude gets his info from but I smell heavy amounts of bias, maybe a paid promo perhaps + let’s not forget that the Ledger has Bluetooth which completely defeats the purpose of safety, I think his research is based more on just what other Youtubers use/what’s all the rage/hyperbole, not saying the ledgers aren’t good but I’m just saying that abit more thought when it comes to research would be nice.

  3. Ballet wallet! The BEST. A combination of old school paper wallets and hardware wallets, with a smartphone app that provides a window and gateway for easy use and monitoring. . . . 99 bitcoins, please check them out. Both my 79 year old mother and I use them and gift them to the kids and grandkids.

  4. I like Coinami for desktop and mobile. They produce dynamic addresses (new
    public addresses) for each transaction (with the option to reuse.) This helps with anonymity. It also has coin exchange function like Exodus, and the mobile has an easy option to select what network fees to pay (low, medium, high) when doing an exchange or just sending coins.

    But yes, for basic and non-technical use, Exodus is a good option.

  5. Best is the Walahala Wallet where you can store and save plus can use the live exchange have their demo account from their site and see how good it is .


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