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This video will surprise you as Bitcoin & Ethereum could get a huge bearish move soon. This is a big warning to everyone who holds Bitcoin & Ethereum.



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  4. There should be a massive warning against not buying the dip in a bull market. As for all the buy the dip calls at the start of the bear market, t-shirts and all – that was terrible.

  5. Very helpful information you have coupled up in your video
    Already subscribed to your channel.. most People will misunderstand what you highlighted in your video and equally the advantage they have to learn about cryptocurrency at this early stage
    I count myself lucky to know cryptocurrency at this era and also witness the transformation blockchain is bringing to the world economy and with that effect,if you are not holding as many bitcoin as possible you are simply missing up the long run
    I have been an investor since 2017

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  7. It will go below $9900. In October I expect Bitcoin and ethereum to fall a lot further than people can imagine. Ethereum I think will drop to $250 or less. Bitcoin can drop to]$7000-8000

  8. Hi Carl, you’ve mentioned in earlier video’s that you are also invested in silver. what is your opinion on the silver market at the moment with the pullback that is happening?

  9. I'm in a short from 10700 hoping that is going even more down πŸ˜‰ But let's see. Of course I'm bullish long term. There is also a HUGE bearish divergence in the S&P 500 chart (weekly and monthly RSI) and even the BTC RSI is showing a bearish divergence on the monthly.


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