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    00:14 Introduction
    01:14 Market Overview
    02:33 EOS: Survey Of Block Producers
    04:53 Coinbase Pro Adds DAI, MKR, ZIL, & GNT
    07:09 America Could Lead The Transition To A Digital Currency Reserve by Brian Brooks
    09:09 Funny Tweet: A Short Story (On Brian Kelly of CNBC)
    10:31 Western Union Says It's Ready For Crypto
    13:19 Dutch Central Bank Calls For Cryptocurrency Regulation
    16:29 Hitman Scam
    20:57 Warning Of BAT & REQ Scammers Out There
    22:17 Atari to Make Blockchain Versions of Popular Titles like Roller Coaster Tycoon
    24:15 Crypto-Mystery Clues Suggest Tether Has the Billions It Promised
    27:37 Hedera Hashgraph Launches Early Mainnet Access Program
    30:38 Ran Neuner's Open Letter To The Block
    38:10 I AM HODLING Bitcointalk: Origination Of The Term HODL
    41:38 Conclusion

  2. Ill be honest EOS os starting to win me over. I was skeptical about EOS but i am actually really impressed how flexible it is in addressing its issues and moving fwd without having to hardfork like BTC / ETH which is not healthy. I really like the the EOS Chintai dividend app. Am liking earning interest on my EOS atleast i can be rewarded for the HODL er that i am.

  3. The whole crypto market is being manipulated by the financial institutions , they are taking away money from every Jack and Jill who earn just enough to put food on the table. Crypto was supposed to empower the common people , but now, the financial institutions have taken over. BUT here is a game changer in the crypto world. No more price manipulation by whales and financial institutions. ARB has a new exchange system that prevents people from manipulating the price. No more fear of pumps and dumps. This keeps the price go up steadily, and make everyone happy. Everyone actually wants to buy into crypto but they are afraid of financial institutions dumping the price. ARB's new trading system will empower the ordinary person. ARB will lead us to the moon. No more fear of crashing prices and dumping.

  4. Both EOS and Stella are inflation coins – the longer you hold, the more you get diluted. XRP and Hashgraph hedera is centralised "coin", why anyone would use them? ETH has better alternative – Cardano.


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