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  2. The Bitcoin price is going crazy right now. I have to admit that I like a $10,000 Bitcoin price more than anything. How long with the Bitcoin Price pump…Thats the question every Bitcoin investor has right now. Bitcoin investment is making a lot of people super rich at the moment, but before you can succeed in bitcoin investment you need to work with the right strategies of an experienced broker and trading coach, I started trading with I9OO usd and i have made over 3btc in 2weeks.. I feel more people need to learn how to librate themselves from the government, invest in bitcoin, even with as low as 5OO usd you can flip it gradually to a Thousands, millions and more.. My Coach Dr. Bernard Wells is reachable on Telegram @wellstrading . Wish you all the best

  3. FAVORITE COIN IS Dogecoin!! How can you not!?! It's my daughters favorite coin who is 11 it is also mine. Don't get me wrong love XRP but if the woman in your life is happy then your happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ She sends me memes all the time. Constantly checks the price of it. Hey you have to start somewhere right? Might as well be with something cute and cuddly at 11.

  4. Bitcoinโ€™s struggle to reclaim $10K came to a success fews days ago as the price suddenly broke out to $10,100. After fluctuating around the $9,500 mark, Bitcoin later tested $11,000 in a matter of hours to reach highs not seen since May 28. The move follows warnings about the bullish state of the market from analysts, warning that $10,000 would continue to evade the largest cryptocurrency. it has also been noted that institutional investors were feeling less certain under current market conditions. At press time, lows of $9,070 appeared before a modest bounce brought the price above $10,300. According to on-chain data, it appears that exchange selling momentum had gathered to increase downward pressure. It has been a great week for bitcoin, this might be the highest price jump or btc might be getting ready to crash again, either way it is best to buy now and trade. there might not be another price jump above 11k so i advise traders to take advantage of this drop. If you lack good signals to trade with i recommend you trade with the signals of Mr Richard Baker, they are accurate and i have been getting the best out of my trades since i started trading with him. just write him on w t s a p p @+447482862366 or you can go straight to his t l e g r a m channel @Richardtrading Goodluck!!!


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