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The price of Ethereum has been moving up significantly over the last few weeks. However, it begs the question – are we just getting started or is the party over?



  1. I am not against profit but proof of stake mechanism would turned out to be a scam. Since stock market crash is inevitable given economical situation crypto will fall too. And i would suggest all to exercise caution and make profit.

  2. This space is highly irrational and has really low liquidity compared to traditional assets…when you say $750 in 2 years, are you just not mentioning it going to say $2500 first then crashing back down to $750? Because if not, you’re undershooting big time

  3. Good day I know you said a banner but you also said that you wanted to make sure you got remember and not in so many work step up your game as in your videos so I went ahead and produce an intro for your videos would like for you to send it to you to hear what you think. Change and sound can be edited although my 3 beautiful daughters think it is awesome. Let me know what world be the best way for me to send it to you.
    Cheers and aging Thank you

  4. Viewership on a bull run.. -> How does this fit logarithmic regression ? 😛 Thanks again for all the hard work and another great video. You balance all the hype with your approach. The logos. Would be interesting to put all your work into a custom algorithmic trading bot. Thoughts?

  5. I know you call these "logarithmic regression" bands, but is it really logit? Or are these linear regressions bands plotted on a log scale? Just trying to wrap my mind around how your are fitting these models to the non bubble data.

  6. More massive news for Bitcoin ETH and Litecoin ⛱

    @johnkim77 . @Shopify is going to integrate @FlexaHQ payments. 🧞‍♂️

    Shopify is the de facto e-com platform for small busi, but with massive corp retail customers Nestle, Unilever, and Pepsi,

  7. Hahaha…. " Who's going to listen "lol
    Just like Jack Nicholson said.. " You Can't Handle the Truth " another piece of truth from Crypto Cowen Nice.
    Have looked at the Premium group a couple times going to be apart of that as soon as I have the Satoshis for it. Hopefully it is before it goes up but even if it does I am still going to get in on that. I just don't want to part with the Satoshis I have right now. But I am going to figure something out. I enjoy come to the Cryptovers! Really enjoy your analysis….. I got a few ideas you will be seeing my name there.

  8. I would hazard that with the coming test net work and increased news in the lead up to ethereum 2 phase 0 mainet we will see a reasonable rise… followed by a sell of on the mainnet.

  9. Would be cool to do some analysis on divergence from moving averages. Divergence could possibly be normalized to show moments where the spread is extreme with a high chance of correction.

  10. Do you consider an option when people forget BTC and move funds to something like Etherium or Cordano? If BTC has only limited money-storage value, why cannot market react and completely destroy BTC in favor of something more progressive and useful?

  11. I think we are going to see one more stock market crash. The us dollar with pop back up as a safe haven. Crypto will take a hit but then worm its way up for the next 3 years. Eyeing 7700


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